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Sysop Mailing List
      – Sysop Mailing List (reflector)

IRC #CQDX Chat Channel
      – A real-time DX'ers resource plus DX-spotting. Go here to learn more about it.

CW Skimmer
      – CW Skimmer - a multi-channel CW decoder and analyzer
      – Reverse Beacon Project (list of Skimmers)
      – Telnet to PY5JO-11

DX Cluster Resources
      – Buckmaster HamCall Data Corruption
          Discussion and fixes for Buckmaster HamCall database being used with PacketCluster software.
      – PacketCluster Users Guide
          by Bart Fay, W4NS (Northern Alabama DX Club)
      – Introduction to PacketCluster
          Tutorial on PacketCluster including doing telnet connections by Neal Campbell ON9CNC
      – Telnet Filters for ARRL DX Contests
          by Dennis Egan (YCCC)
      – UK DX Cluster Network
          Information on UK DX Cluster nodes, equipment, operating procedures.
      – A CLX FAQ

Personal & DX Club Cluster Pages
      – Frankford Radio Club Packet System
      – GB7YDX Yorkshire DX Cluster
      – K1TTT AR-Cluster Node
      – K8SMC DX PacketCluster Jackson MI
          Node Support Systems; SysOp K8SMC.
      – North Alabama DX Club
          DX Cluster page, network description, map, and manual.
      – North Carolina DX Packet Cluster Nodes
      – North Florida DX Association
          DX Cluster Connections
      – SK0AR-6 DX Cluster of Stockholm
      – Southeast DX PacketCluster Network
          Over 30 nodes covering AL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, and VA.
      – The Collective PacketCluster
          From Great Falls in Montana operated by N7CZ.
      – VA3PEC-5 Quinte Amateur Radio Club - Belleville
      – VE6DXD DX Cluster - Edmonton
      – VE7CC DX Cluster

      – WIARC DX PacketCluster
          PacketCluster VE2PWI of West Island ARC in Dorval, Quebec.
      – Yankee Clipper Contest Club Packet Network

Related Software
      – AGW PacketEngine       by SV2AGW
      – AR-User Program by Lee VE7CC
          Especially designed for AR-Cluster, CC Cluster and DX Spider telnet connections.
      – Band Master - downloads DX spots and displays them in different ways, including a graphical band map
      – CLSpotter - a spotting program that users your Club Log account to filter internet DX spots
      – ClusterJoin by Gerry Hull W1VE
          A program to connect CW Skimmer and an external cluster to your logging software at the same time
      – DX-Fighter by Lorenzo IZ0KBA
      – DxLink - retransmits DX cluster beacons on packet from a telnet cluster on internet
      – DxSpot by Green Creek Technology, LLC
          "DxSpot is your mobile access into the Amateur Radio DX cluster network for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch."
      – DX Monitor by Peter VE3SUN
      – DXTelnet by Fab IK4VYX
      – GPcluster by Giacomo IH9GPI
      – iDXSpot by David Anderson, GM4JJJ
          Macintosh (and Linux) DX-Cluster Telnet access made easy! (GM4JJJ)
      – Linux HamSoft Database
      – Live MUF
          Live MUF is a DX cluster telnet client which attempts to resolve propagation modes from spots and also attempts to calculate sporadic-E possibilities purely based on incoming data from the cluster. It has great circle mapping (GCM) built in to the app for live mapping of spots.
      – NKCCluster by Kristijan, M0NKC - Android DX cluster client
      – RXCLUS by Robert Chalmas, HB9BZA
      – Spotter by Alex Krist, KR1ST A DX spotting gadget for Windows Vista
      – Using APRS for Monitoring DX Clusters

If you have or know of DX Cluster related information that would be of value to the DX Cluster community, kindly e-mail the webmaster with the information or link, so everyone visiting DXCluster.Info may benefit.
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